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Locust ES


Yes,  such a budget build IS entirely possible.

Each vehicle is uniquely built from a few sheets of exterior plywood, or pre-cut MDF body panels, simply glued and screwed together and then bolted to our pre-fabricated chassis.
The plywood based body tubs are subsequently covered with a light gauge aluminium 'skin' stuck on with weatherproof adhesive,   
With pre-cut MDF panels aluminium skinning is NOT required and we supply the special two-part industrial fastenings required to assemble the panels together.
With your own donor parts in good condition then your new car could be road-ready for as little as 1500 .
After that the sky (& your budget!) is the limit!
Add full weather equipment, carpeting and a professional spray and you should still have change from 2500.

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Full details of any of our individual kits are available at 2 per vehicle (3 overseas) from:
White Rose Vehicles, PO Box 303, CHATHAM, KENT ME5 8AP, U.K.
Please make cheques, Postal Orders or International Money Orders payable, in Sterling, to:
'White Rose Vehicles Ltd'